Sculptor's Model

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Sculptor's Model

New Kingdom 1550 - 1077 B.C.
H: 15.5cm



This limestone head, possibly the representation of a pharaoh is what is usually called a ‘sculptor’s model’, a piece that may have served as a model for an ancient Egyptian artist, although some scholars believe that they were trial pieces or votive or cult objects. Wearing a headband over his forebrow, which may be the remains of a nemes headcloth. The facial features are finely sculpted, with large, almond shaped eyes, eyebrows, a finely shaped nose and a fleshy smiling mouth, the remarkable beauty of this piece is testament to the unparalleled Egyptian art of the XVIII Dynasty.


Antikenmuseum Basel, 1998-2001.


Arts D’Orient, Boisgirard, 1st June 2007, Lot 84


With Tano, 1942.
Private Collection of Maurice Bouvier (1901-1981).
Sold at: Arts D'Orient, Boisgirard, 1st June 2007, Lot 84 (accompanied by French Cultural Passport 068954).
With David Aaron Ltd, acquired from the above sale.