Bowl With Kufic Inscription

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Bowl With Kufic Inscription

9th Century, Abbasid
Diameter: 20cm



Glazed ceramic bowl with a convex wall and everted rim. With a cobalt blue inscription in the centre which reads. “baraka li-sahibihi” (blessing to its owner).

Ceramics such as this bowl are among the first examples to incorporate calligraphy as the main element of decoration. The Abbasid potters of the ninth century attempted to emulate the luminous quality and hard body of Chinese whitewares by using a tin‑opacified white glaze, however, the use of cobalt blue is a novel departure that was to have a profound and long-lasting influence on world ceramics. The application of cobalt directly into the raw glaze creates a soft impression, described by Arthur Lane as "like ink on snow".


Persepolis Gallery, Brussels 28th October – 13th November 1971


Private Collection of Monsieur H., Brussels, acquired pre-1971, accompanied by an old inventory list with the bowl listed as no. 328, matching the collection label on the base.
Thence by descent to his daughter, Madame D. T.
ALR: S00224294, with IADAA certificate, this item has been searched against the Interpol database.